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The Team at Land Homes are driven to deliver excellence for all our clients. We are selfless in our pursuit of excellence. Building High Performance quality homes is in our DNA.

Everyone at Land Homes is proud of the work we do and genuinely want to help our clients achieve their dream home.

Not only specialising in building Energy Efficient homes, Land Homes with our stellar Design team, specialise in building one of a kind Architectural homes, that suit any lifestyle.

We are passionate about building Architecturally Designed High-Value homes with a degree of technical difficulty. Our aim is always to stay on budget and complete each project on time.

With our dedication to High Performance homes, the Land Homes team holds Design and Build Education seminars monthly along with our partners to help educate the public, so you can make informed decisions about the design of your home.



we’re here to lend our expertise and experience to help you achieve the home you desire.

Sam Rogers
Sam RogersPrinciple.
Sam is responsible for overseeing the successful strategy and implementation of all Land Homes activities. Sam’s vast experience includes Property Development and Property Investment Strategy nationwide, as well as a background in the Civil Construction industry in Australia. Sam’s Property and Construction background gives him a clear perspective of the practical and logistical challenges across a wide range of construction projects. As well as strategic work, he provides effective management support to our project teams.

Company phone: 03-351-8574
Mobile: 0273-414-274
Email: sam@landhomes.co.nz

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Kimberley Rogers
Kimberley RogersOperations Manager, Land Homes, Land Design, Land Partnerships- Development’s.
Kimberley is a result driven person with a dedication to all client communications and sales, with the goal of delivering all her projects on time, within budget and to specification.

Company phone: 03-351-8574
Email: kimberley@landhomes.co.nz

Ally Dawson
Ally DawsonProject Coordinator Land Homes, Land Design, Land Partnerships
Ally is a Land Homes all-rounder, she shares with us her journalistic and media talents in the realm of social media marketing and PR development. Ally has developed a number of successful marketing campaigns and branding identity strategies. Ally also ensures all projects run smoothly and on time by managing all the Construction teams and clients. Ally also focuses on sales and lead generation.

Company phone: 03-351-8574
Mobile: 0274-139-679
Email: ally@landhomes.co.nz
Email: ally@landdesign.co.nz

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Nathan Veevers
Nathan VeeversLand Design Senior Architectural Designer LBP.2
Nathan has been working in the Construction Industry as an Architectural Designer for over 20 years.
Pulling together an amazing 3D model of a client’s potential new home is an exciting and rewarding part of the job for Nathan, who is considered one of the most talented Architectural Designers in Canterbury.

Company phone: 03-351-8574
Email: Nathan@landdesign.co.nz

Michael Heath
Michael HeathLand Homes Site Foreman
Michael has a true passion for working with Structurally Insulated Panels and building High Performance Homes. Michael will be your first point of call once your project gets underway on site. He will keep you well informed of progress and make sure your home is built to the highest possible standard, within a timely manner. Michael takes pride in his commitment to great communication, quality and integrity, and will treat your new home build as his very own masterpiece. Michael also has a high quality and standard within Health and Safety and insures all his team members go home safe.

Company phone: 03-351-8574
Email: Michael@landhomes.co.nz

Douglas Siyakurima
Douglas SiyakurimaLand Design Quantity Surveyor
National NZDIp QS
Douglas provides a full range of professional quantity surveying and construction cost management services, with a strong focus on delivering accurate budget cost indications.
Quantity surveying for Land Design means Douglas has projects all around New Zealand, delivering a cost-effective strategy and proactive quantity surveying, with ongoing cost management and analysis during every project stage.

Company phone: 03-351-8574
Email: Douglas@landdesign.co.nz