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Design and Build

New Zealand has one of the most enviable lifestyles in the world, design your home to fit your lifestyle.
Specialising in high-end value homes,  we build homes using the most modern, sustainable and energy efficient materials, meaning more savings for you in the years to come. 

 Our experienced team of in house designers listen to our clients and assist with every step from concept to completion, including:
Providing material education, ideas and inspiration
Designing the most usable space for you and your family
Getting the most up to date technology and design within your budget 
The most efficient way to build for warmth and comfort all year round
Real time quantity surveyed pricing
Land Homes Streamlined process
2.Land Design Package
3.Build contract signed
4.Consented plans are issued
5.Break ground within 3 weeks
6. Follow the build progress on your project management app
7.Your home will be completed within an agreed time frame.

Check out our Design and Build Brochure here.

Sustainable Homes

 To achieve a sustainable home you need to consider your choices and options for everything from construction materials to energy efficient appliances. Built to maximize sun, natural light and passive ventilation, sustainable homes tread lightly on the land, minimise toxins in the environment and provide homeowners with the benefits of a healthy, energy efficient home.

Efficient Homes

When we think of efficiency in a home, this links to the homes use of energy required to reach your comfort level.
Some key areas that should be considered at the design stage of your new home include; Location, site orientation of the home, foundation, wall & roof insulation, heat recovery ventilation systems, efficient windows,solar technology, lighting and water usage.

Design and Build Seminar

Finding the right people and the right team for your design and build can be a tricky situation when you’re not sure who the “right” people are. Finding a package and/or price that suits you, your budget and comfort level is then another element that complicates the path to building and without knowing what’s good and what’s not, you can get yourself in a bit of a muddle. That’s why at Land Homes, we run Design and Build seminars to help you learn the best tips and tricks for a successful build. In these seminars, we go over why our team can be good for you, our $6k Land Design package plus talk about our in-house design and quantity surveying team and many other things to help make your decisions straightforward and easy. 

Register your interest for one of our educational Design and Build seminars below!