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Land Homes works with a lot of land buyers.

And they have done their homework so you can gain the benefits through our premium development projects.


With Land Homes, you can own a home that you’ll absolutely love, and so will other people.

We think that you’ll love living in your superb one-off home by Land Homes. But if you do ever sell, it’s good to know that homes with real architectural merit could attract a higher resale price.

A beautifully designed and crafted home has all-important street appeal, a superb exterior to catch a buyer’s eye, and an inviting interior that means style and comfort.

With all our investment property’s Land Homes offer up to a 24-month rental return

Our goal is to deliver beyond and over stakeholders expectations, bringing you value through property. We have helped a lot of people through the process before and we make it easy and enjoyable. The Land Homes team add a lot of value with extensive knowledge of current real estate investment landscape. Land Homes works with a lot of land buyers and they have done there home work so you can gain the benefits through our premium development projects.

We help you looking for property to pay out for you right away. This means looking for turnkey homes that you can start renting out at a profit from day 1. The key to our strategy is to keep eyes on the long term view.  Having that rental income means you can clear your loan payment with minimal dipping into your existing income stream.

Land Homes understands the challenges involved, and we work to achieve an optimal balance between the criteria set by stakeholders and ensure all their needs are addressed.

Land Homes proven track record means you can be rest assured that your secure investment will result in long-term capital growth and high rentals returns for years to come.


A building company you can trust. We commit to superior quality and result.


We believe your home should be as unique as you. So when we say ‘a home built around you’ it means you’re at the heart of the whole process, your style, your practical requirements, your site, your budget, and then we add architectural flair to delight you.

Land Homes’ creation are all different, but they start the same way, with a blank sheet of paper and a client who wants a unique designed home.

Please contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff today for a free no obligation appointment.