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Land Homes - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all of Land Homes' frequently asked questions about our company and our design and build processes.

Where are you based?
Land Homes’ head office is based in Riccarton, Christchurch. We have several current builds under way in the Christchurch area.

What if I want to build where you aren’t based?
While, yes, we are based in Christchurch, we have builds either currently underway or about to get started in wider areas. These builds are taking place/and or about to in Palmerston North and Queenstown. If you want to build in wider regions, we have the ability to.

Who is Land Design?
Land Design is under the same branch of the tree as Land Homes, but they specialise in the design of your home, whereas Land Homes takes care of the build. Land Design is made up of our in house architectural designers and quantity surveyors that will design your home to meet your ideal comfort level and budget.

How long will it take to build our home?
Unfortunately, we can’t say for each house how long the build process will be. It comes down to what your site is like, the level of specification you want in your home and depending on how complex the design is. We want your house be built to your ideal comfort level and lifestyle, so we want to make the process as thorough as possible to give you a quality home rather than keys in your hand too quick.

Can we visit our site during construction?
Absolutely! It’s your home after all. When the construction of your home is under way, talk to us to schedule a time for you to see the progress on site.

What is your square metre rate?
This is another situation where we can’t say a definite rate. Our square metre rate depends on the size of your home and the specification level you’re after. Once you’ve designed your home with our in house architectural designer, we can give you a price that more likely suits your home rather than a general rate.

Will we have any say in how our home is designed?
Of course! Land Design and Land Homes are joined together to make sure you have the design and build you’re after. This means that with our $6k Land Design Package, you work alongside our in house architectural designers and quantity surveyors to design the home exactly how you’ve dreamt it up and as close as we can to your budget. If at any point before your plans go into consent you want to change anything, you have the opportunity to. 

We want an energy efficient home, can you help us with that?
Yes, we can! When you work alongside one of our architectural designers, you can design the home to be as energy efficient as you like. We have worked with a range of different energy efficient products and suppliers and are happy to bring you quality energy efficiency in your home.

What about passive principles?
Just like with energy efficiency, we will work with you to make your home as passive principled as we can and as suited to your budget as possible. 

Do you have set plans?
Because we have architectural designers in house, we work to design a home that is suited to you, not one that can be applied to more than one build. We want to make your home as unique and suited to your ideal comfort level and lifestyle as possible, and having set plans means less of that. We do have previous or current design and build plans that you can look at and say “hey, that’s pretty cool!” and we can then incorporate what you liked into your design. 

If you don’t offer set plans, do you have any plans that we can look at?
You can check out some of our plans here.

We don’t have a section but are wanting to build within the next 12 months, how can you help us?
While unlike some other building companies, we don’t offer House and Land packages. We can, however, help you with finding and deciding on sections. There are developments happening in the wider Canterbury area as well as in places like Queenstown and Cromwell and we are happy to tell you how to look and what to do when thinking about buying a section. 

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