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At Land Homes we believe the details matter. When you choose a Land Homes home, you can trust that all the details will be taken care of: giving you complete peace of mind to get on with enjoying what matters most to you.

We believe a quality home is the result of hundreds of small things done well. It’s the combination of detailed planning, good construction methods and materials, and quality workmanship from beginning to end. For this reason we back up our building with a promise of quality assurance.

Our aim is to create houses that feel good to live in, and provide a sound investment. This means we pay close attention to both what you can see on a finished home, and what you can’t see.

We extend this same standard of care to our completed homes, which is why we are installing a Land Homes ‘Quality Mark’ on every home we build. The mark has been created in the form of a plaque, which lists the year the home was built and a reference number associated to this home. This means the owner and future owners can contact us at any stage to find out more about the design and specification of the home, the guarantee or warranties.

What does the reference number mean?

The reference number will show all the details of the build for your home. It’s the complete history including:

• Sales contract
• Specification
• Lodged plans
• Variations to the build
• Council documentation
• Warranties
• Master Build Guarantee
• And all other building documentation

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