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 What does it mean to build High Performance?

To build your home to a higher standard and that is what Land Design specialise in. Designed from the start to meet your individual needs, along with 3D modelling software you are in control, using the best building materials and designs, why build a house when you can build a home, with comfort built in, no more expensive heating bill, or dampness but a home you feel healthy in and proud to show off to your friends.
Working with leading officials in the energy efficient movement, we are confident that no matter the design of your home we have the team that can help.

A healthy family is a happy family, a healthy home is wealthy home.

We strive to foster a collaborative relationship of inspiration, trust and respect between client and Architectural Designer– a critical contributor to successful projects. This has resulted in realisation of a range of unique homes, covering various types and sizes.

We recognize that your new home is a significant investment, we work to ensure that the design process delivers maximum value for our clients.

With our incredible design package, its never been so easy to design your own home.

Design Package:

✓ Create a successful brief

✓3D Modelling of site to explore site contours, building location options and excavation.

✓Concept Design till complete

✓3D Rendering

✓ A Video walk through

✓Sun Mapping study

✓ Professionally Quantity surveyed

✓ Detailed specification schedule

✓ Fixed price building contract

Incredible value in one package starting from only $6,000 +gst

Check out some our great Land Design plans below.




Queenstown 1



Queenstown 2



Mt Pleasant






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